Monaco (Côte d’Azur) - Agile or not Agile? How to choose the right methodology to manage your projects

Agile or not Agile?

How to choose the right methodology to manage your projects

Thursday 17th of May

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What are the current trends in terms of Agile project management?

From Portfolio Management to Project Management and Project Execution, what would be the best approach in methodologies : Agile, classical, or something between?



Stephane DerouinStephane Derouin
France PMI founder, Supervisory board of PMI

Organizational transformation  is a major challenge we need to face, a new frontier for organizations.
Stephane explains how we can operate between traditional methods and agile management to transform and succeed, the key being to associate them and consequently adapt our ways of working.
Stephane introduces his innovative approach and shares experiences on how to deploy it into large companies.



Fabien Massol
CSM, CSPO, PMP certified, Amadeus Group IT

Day or night ? Car or train? Cheese or dessert? Prescriptive or adaptive? Do we have the choice? Who got the choice? Why should we choose? Based on which criteria? What are the consequences?

Fabien Massol invites us to travel through the Project Management world, an innovative and interacting trip in which every participant will be the hero.

Are Agility and traditional methods opposed methodologies? By sharing scenarios from ten years of past experience, Fabien explores different viewpoints about project management evolution.

It’s not the mountain that we try to conquer, it’s ourselves.” - Edmund Hillary




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