Sophia Antipolis - An example of developing the Agile mindset 25 of January 2018

An example of developing the Agile mindset

25th of January 2018 - 18h00 to 20h30

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Agile Software Development is about mindsets and practices where solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. It requires significant transformation at company level for an efficient deployment to generate the expected benefits. It starts with the integration of the Agile principles within the project management processes, that was detailed in the first part of the conference. In the second part, we illustrated it with an example of Agile deployment in Amadeus, a key player in IT solution development in the region.
PMI Amadeus Agility 25.01.2018


JP di MiagioJean-Philippe DI MAGGIO is consultant, trainer and coach in France and abroad for major international companies in Business Analysis and Enterprise Project Management bringing 20+ years of hands-on experience. He is sharing this practical knowledge to students in Business Schools and through Conferences.


Sandra bellongSandra BELLONG is the Amadeus global HR Agility expert, specialized in Agile Scrum and Kanban as well as in Scaled Agile frameworks. She is Senior Manager in charge of Analytics, Projects and IT services in our Human Resources division located in Nice. Prior joining Human Resources division, Sandra has spent 19 years working for Amadeus in development product definition analysis and project management areas. She has used both waterfall and agile methodologies in her previous experiences and is driving HR processes and culture towards end to end business Agility.


Gilles MarchalGilles MARCHAL is project manager on the Amadeus Agility programme in the organization managing the Transversal projects in the Engineering Community. Before working for the Engineering Committee, Gilles has worked for 15 years in Amadeus with different experiences in product management, sales coaching initiatives and global portfolio management activities in the Distribution area. Prior joining Amadeus, he has worked as IT developer and project manager in the scope of an IT Servicing company in Sophia Antipolis.


Gilles MatheronGilles MATHERON leads the Agile Expert Group in Amadeus Engineering Community (formerly R&D). His team is specialized in Scrum and Kanban and defined the Amadeus Scaled Agile model. His team is working closely with Agile or Waterfall practitioners from R&D and Business areas, but also HR, Finance, Purchase, Legal, Ops in order to deploy end to end business agility. Gilles is Central PMO Manager in Nice and also leads Project Management experts as well as the Amadeus Methodology referential. Prior joining Amadeus 10 years ago, Gilles worked as Process Manager in Mobile industry and Software Quality Assurance Manager in Space and Defence industry.



This conference gives you right to 2 PDUs : Leadership: 1 / Strategy & Business: 1.




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