Elevaror Pitch-Session Feedback


1 à 2 minutes pour établir un lien avec une personne ….et arriver à gagner une opportunité…. Possible ?

Oui avec la technique Elevator Pitch.

C’est ce qu’ont expérimenté les participants du dernier cercle de discussion du PMI® France-Sud Côte d’Azur animé par Julia Haston et Wendy Buckley de l’association EPWN  (European Professional Women’s Network) , le jeudi 23 Février 2012.

Cette réunion interactive en anglais a réuni  45 participants pour 2 heures riches en théorie, pratique et networking.

Nous avons choisi de restituer ici quelques éléments reportés par les participants lors de la session, à partager et pratiquer sans modération !

Elevator Pitch – Session - Feedback

This is THE technique to « Establish a link » with a person. 

Therefore it is very short in time, 1 or 2 min and informal.

Part of the most important

  • Use an ice-breaker to start with
  • Don’t assume that the person is concentrating on you at the beginning – grab their attention
  • Understand the interest of the other person: “what’s the benefit for you” – put yourself in their shoes
  • Be clear on what you need or want and say it at the right time
  • Use positive keywords
  • Stick to concrete elements
  • Stay conceptual : on the WHAT not the HOW
  • End with a call to action statement or question
  • Use short sentences of 7 words and avoid acronyms
  • Structure it into 3 main parts and remember what these 3 parts are – this will help you keep it natural and not forget where you were if interrupted


Part of the most difficult

  • Speak slowly/normally : we tend to speak too fast because of the time pressure
  • Sell yourself “smoothly” : avoid being too aggressive
  • Stay conceptual : going into details will lose the listener
  • Stay focused on the other : being too egocentric leads to many “I” (“Aie, Aie, Aie”)
  • Use closed questions carefully :  only when the answer is obvious and serves your message

Example of an elevator pitch :

  • “I’m the Claude Monnet of software, I’m Henri-Pierre. My masterpieces are written in zeros and ones. I write clean code and elegant programs that come in on time and under budget. My artistry is yours. Call me on …” from Julia Haston’s presentation, 23 fev 2012

What’s next

  • Practice, practice, practice (family, friends, professional context, people from other companies..)
  • Create different elevator pitches for different circumstances
  • Update your on-line profiles, e-mail signature, CV etc.. in line with your elevator pitch
  • Read:
  1. Chris O’Leary’s book : Essentials “elevator pitch http://images.businessweek.com/ss/07/06/0618_speaking_business/index_01.htm
  2. http://www.dumblittleman.com/2007/08/how-to-craft-killer-elevator-pitch-that.html
  3. http://theclosetentrepreneur.com/elevator-pitch-101-intro-to-writing-a-30-second-elevator