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Persuade Your Company to Change Before It’s Too Late

Power Skills

How can you make the case for change in your company when the evidence isn’t yet clear? 

The spotlight will be on Pontus Siren, EDHEC Global MBA Innovator in Residence and Partner at Innosight, to discuss and answer questions, hosted by Sandra Richez, Global MBA Director at EDHEC Business School.

Pontus will share insight and advice based on his recent HBR article (Persuade Your Company to Change Before It’s Too Late, Pontus M.A. Siren, Scott D. Anthony, and Utsav Bhatt) in the January 2022 edition of the magazine.

Executives who identify emerging, but compelling signals that their market is changing face a quandary: They need good data to convince stakeholders that their companies need to change. But by the time data about disruptive trends are clear, opportunities have shrunk or disappeared, and their firms may end up on burning platforms.

How can leaders build the conviction to act before evidence is abundantly clear? First, they can gather “private data” (from their employees, customers, and proprietary systems) that illuminates the risks firms face. Second, they can map their firms’ position on the information-action paradox model and use it and other disruption frameworks to inform discussions that lower the threshold of proof.

This is a virtual conference



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Left: Pontus is an Innosight Partner who has been with the firm for over 10 years. During his tenure he has worked across a broad range of industries in the Asia Pacific region and advises senior managers on the topics of transformation, innovation, growth strategies and innovation capabilities and culture.

Right: Sandra Richez is the Director of the Global MBA at EDHEC Business School in Nice, France. She is an executive education professional with leadership experience in education and learning at top-tier International business schools and world-class corporations.

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Type d'activité:Power Skills, Business Acumen

Date: 7 avril 2022

Heure: 17:30 à 19:00

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