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Ways of Working

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investments are expected to more than double between 2022-2025 according to a Dow Jones survey of 200 financial leaders, with Bloomberg projecting ESG managed assets to reach over a third of all global managed assets worldwide by 2025. This means that as a project professional, management of ESG goals and metrics will become (if not already) an inevitable and important part of your job. But identifying ESG best practices and methods is still a work in progress, and so projects move forward in a thick fog of good intentions.

This 2-hour PMI workshop event aims to clear the fog a bit. It is a fun project simulation game where you can experience and overcome some of the typical real-life challenges of ESG programs. And just like in real life, you will not be competing with other project teams, but rather collaborating and negotiating with them to achieve the best overall program outcome based on KPIs. Three approaches are implemented according to the needs of the project: waterfall, agile and hybrid. You will make situational decisions in an ambitious program to transform a failing giant of the agri-food sector into a low-waste, high-value, deliciously efficient producer of sustainable snacks. Such a major transformation spares no part of the business: finance, energy sources, water use, factory equipment, agricultural practices, product formulation, packaging, marketing, etc.




Denise Drummond, PMP and active PMI volunteer since 2010. The projects she has led cover areas including competence development, construction bidding, IT product development and integration, international telecom implementation and large-scale cloud migration. Based in Paris, Denise has worked in 48 countries, having resided in 14 of them for 6 months or more. She has worked for companies ranging from unicorn start-ups to top 10 multinational champions.

Passionate about making training realistic, relevant and fun, Denise has designed and facilitated dozens of courses for corporate strategic change programs. Her courses have helped project professionals adopt new practices in areas such as customer focus, stakeholder alignment, value management, business analysis, risk qualification, scope optimization, incremental planning and other agile and hybrid approaches.

Another of Denise's passions has become her favorite hobby: conducting tours to discover the hidden gems of Paris.


This event will be in English

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Type de catégorie: Paris-Ile-de-France

Type d'activité:Ways of Working

Date: 13 juin 2023

Heure: 18:30 à 21:00

Nombre de PDUs: 2


Membres: 10,00€

Non membres: 15,00€

Étudiants: 5,00€


5 rue Perrée 75003 Paris