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L'ATELIER DEMANDE UNE PARTICIPATION ACTIVE DES INSCRITS. Vous devez être devant votre PC et vous devrez être en bonne condition pour pouvoir prendre la parole. 

 Ce n'est pas une conférence , le nombre de places est limité afin de permettre à chacun de pratiquer les exercices proposés.

Active Listening workshop for Woman by PMI

I propose to facilitate an active listening workshop for Woman by PMI . Basically, it will help participants to take steps towards identifying the levels of listening that we all possess.

During the interactive workshop we would perform practical exercises raising awareness on how we listen and how is the dialogue with ourselves and others.

Some ideas about the listening model I will present:

Deeply listen is one of the most difficult skills but at the same time the one that allows us for deep transformation - individually and collectively. There are many ways to introduce and practice the levels of listening. The four levels of listening that we are learning in this workshop has been extensively investigated by Otto Sharmer in his theory U and Presencing institute.

- Book Theory U Otto Sharmer


The four levels of listening refer to the place of where our attention goes. Being aware of this allow us to practice deepening and become more aware of with each level. Of course, the levels are but a reference for our experience which is much more fluid and ever-changing.

The other useful concept we discussed was the possibility to consciously choose the type of listening most appropriate for the situation or challenge we face. Knowing we are constantly passing from one level to the other but there is one of them that makes us feel more comfortable.

Listening is really at the source of all great leadership Whenever is a leadership failure and have many occasions to see that-very often is lack of listening at the source of those leadership failures. So, listening really is a core skill, not only for leadership, but for all domains of professional mastery.



Practical information

Workshop time: 1.5hs

Limited Number of Participants: 10. The number of participants has been limited to give the necessary space for everyone to express. This is a workshop for taking the time to listening ourselves and other members of the team.


graciela.jpgGraciela Naveda, Professional Coach / EMCC Accredited Practitioner


  • 14 years as Project Manager, certified PMP
  • 29 years’ experience in the Energy Industry with international exposure ( Argentina, Oman, UK, France)
  • 5 years of Professional Coach certified Practitioner by EMCC. Internal and Exernal coaching experience


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