In a world that is becoming complex, changing and uncertain, upheavals are increasingly affecting managers and their teams. The exponential development of digital accelerates the relationship with time. Neuroscience and cognitive sciences now allow us to better understand the functioning of the human brain and provide innovative insight into the ability to manage teams differently. Discoveries in neuroscience are continuing to grow and today offer the capacity to meet these new challenges. What are the different governances of the brain that allow us to act, decide and interact with our environment? What new keys can neuroscience provide us with to develop more inclusive and adaptive management? Guests attending to this conference will have the opportunity to practice one cognitive tool and then discover the adaptative intelligence approach !


Xavier Jean holds the position of Head of Program & Project Management at Decathlon Digital. Certified RNCP Coach and Sophrologist, he is also a certified Practitioner in Neuro Behavioral Approach (ANC), and offers personalized support for companies and individuals in practice. Trained as a Physical Engineer, and PMP certified since 2012, Xavier has worked in various positions in research and development, then in project management, and in team management in international and high technology environments for nearly 20 years.


This event will be in English.

  • Maison des Associations 5 rue Perrée, 75003 Paris


  • 13 déc. 2023 18:30
  • Date limite d'inscription 13 déc. 2023 à 12:00
  • Places disponibles 30
  • Maison des Associations 5 rue Perrée, 75003 Paris
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    • Power Skills
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